You are invited to discover an essay collection of Reflections on the interrelated topics of travel and language that freely morphs between being a Journal, a Memoir, a Commentary. Digressions are rife. Source material is drawn from a half-century of extensive travel, most of it with Beverly, and from the study with her of a number of languages. It had been hoped these Reflections would cast back some small measure of significance, interest, and pleasure. These selected comments, all unsolicited, show we seem to be traveling in the right direction.

You are not only a linguist, but historian, chronicler, observer and commentator. Very thorough—very impressive. What a wonderful thing that you do! [Alan Heit]
You are the most European American I know! [Jessie Beecham]
I was very impressed. . . . As a travel writer myself . . . I know only too well what is involved on reporting on what you saw and did—your attention to detail is meticulous. [Millie Marshall]
[Am reading] the Antarctica story. . . . Fascinating. You are such a good writer. I feel I am on the boat and know the other people. . . . [Barry Plaxen]
Your website is so appealing visually that one is automatically drawn to the content as well. [Darlene Palermo]
A travel feast. . . . I really enjoyed the journey with you. . . . For me this goes against the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. So much time and effort is spent on seeing the world through a view finder. I would prefer to read of another’s visit than just look through the travel snaps. [Ruth Tridgell]
Your travels have made you an incredibly well-informed and insightful observer of places, people and cultures. [Gary Gober]

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